How to buy online in


1) As you can see then buy in the online shop is very simple. The first thing to know is that in order to buy must be registered in the system. You only have to click on the "My Account" you will find at the top of the web. Once registered just enter your account can make all the orders you want without having to give all data on each order. You can also change the delivery address in any order, have a history of orders to invoices for printing at any time, etc.


2) Ahora solamente tiene que realizar su pedido, indicando la forma de pago y datos de envío. En todo momento estará debidamente informado del coste total del pedido, así como de los gastos de envío que se le generan.


3) Al realizar la compra debe de confirmar el pedido. Esto se puede hacer por 2 medios, bien mediante el mail que le enviaremos a su buzón de email o bien mediante teléfono, uno de nuestros comerciales puede llamarle para confirmar el mismo. Una vez confirmado el pedido se tramita para su preparación y posterior envío.


4) After the above step and have your order correctly completed and confirmed , which is arranged to be sent and you do not have to do anything else, everything is in our hands and we will proceed to send it with the utmost urgency. You will be notified by email when your order leaves our facilities, always late in the day.


Any questions you have please contact us

Buying in is easy!